Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Fun

Fall is my all time favorite season of the year! I love the cool crisp air and all the colorful leaves. I love the pumpkin patches, hay rides, apple picking, candy apples, and the apple pies. Oh and of course Halloween and all the festivities! A couple days ago Evan and I headed out to the front yard to rake all the leave into a big pile so he could jump in them.. After we got out there he maybe helped for about a minute or so, then he found a big tree to go climb. He climbed way up and then was afraid to climb down. After about 15 minutes of giving him step by step directions he made it down :) Then he wanted to turn around and go back up lol.. Elaina sat in her stroller for most of the time chewing on her hands and smiling away! (she is getting 2 teeth by the way)