Monday, October 12, 2009

3 months!

A little late.. but on the 9th Elaina turned 3 months old!!

This is what you have been up to....

  • You have a great routine! Wake up around 9am or later! At night you usually eat for the last time at about 7pm and stay up a little and go to sleep around 9 and sleep 12 hrs! I love it :)
  • Your such a happy baby! Hardly ever cry :)
  • You LOVE your Bumbo.
  • You love to be outside in the snugli.
  • You spit-up a LOT..
  • (I didnt realize I took this pic while she was puking!)

  • You have started to do a little giggle! Its the cutest thing ever!
  • You really like to be standing up looking around
  • Your eyes are changing from dark blue to light brown.
  • We go for a 3 mile walk every other night with Grammy and you stay awake and look all around the whole time with out making a peep.
  • Your still in 0-3 month clothes (except PJ's those are 3-6 because your so long!) and size 1 diapers.
  • You like to rub your blankie and babydoll on you face while falling asleep.

Your getting so big!

Elaina and Grammy at the beach!

Evan holding Lainey's feet.. i love this pic