Friday, July 10, 2009

Elaina Marie is here!!

On Tuesday July 7th I went for my weekly OB check-up.. The Dr. checked me and said I was about a 1/2 centimeter dilated. So she did a sweep and said I had a 50% chance of going into labor within the next 48 hrs! So Wednesday came and I woke up with a rash all over my chest wrapping around my ribs on one side. I called the Dr. and she suggested I go to the local hospital incase it was something dangerous to women newly pregnant. So 5 Dr's looked at it and they all comfirmed I had shingles! But I was far enough along it wouldnt effect the baby. They gave me a antiviral to take 5 times a day for a week. I had to stay for a hour at the hospital for them to monitor the baby just to make sure everything was ok. Before I left I asked them to check me and see if I was dilated at all... They did and I was 1cm.. We left there and headed to my moms to pick up Evan and take him swimming at the YMCA. I started having cramping on the way to go swimming but I just thought it was cramps. But while sitting there watching Dave and Evan swim it got a little worse. I told Dave we needed to leave because I wasnt feeling well.. When we got home the contractions started to get worse so I called me Dr. and she told me to come in when they were 3 minutes apart for 1 hr. So I did that and got to the hospital and again I was only 1cm.. I was so upset because they were so painful and I had so much futher to go.. She gave me some ambiem to sleep and sent me home.. It didnt work at all just made me feel drunk. The contractions got worse all night and finally at 6am I got up to go to the bathroom, lost my mucus plug and then my water broke. We them left for the hospital they checked me and I was 3cm so I went to the labor and delivery room and waited for the Dr to come in. I got a epidural right away incase I needed a c-sections since I wanted to try and have a VBAC and I DID NOT want to be put to sleep like last time. The epidural was great I didnt feel anything until I was 6cm and the dr. decided to give pitocin to make my contractions more regular.. Then I was in so much pain and the babys heart rate kept dropping so they had me go on my hands and knees and rock.. I did that for about 10 minutes and then suddenly felt like the monitor they had on her head was about to fall out of me. My nurse told me that I was fine and I was only 6cm 10 minutes ago and that nothing was falling out of me.. I insisted to her it was and she finally said lay down and I'll check but its only been 10 minutes since the last time I checked you and you were only 6cm.. Well when she checked she said oh my gosh you right the babys head is about to come out.. She quickly paged the dr and was running around trying to get things set up. I was getting scared because the babys heart rate was dropping real low and the dr. was taking forever to come into the room. .The nurse said ok Lindsey we are just going to deliver this baby with out her. So I started to push and finally the dr. walked in and after 2 pushes Elaina was born!! It happened so fast! She had a apgar of 7 and 9. She was born on 7-9-09 at 1:18pm 6lbs 14.8oz and 21" long. She looks just like her big brother! but she has lighter hair. She is doing great but has also developed a rash in the same place on her body as me! which is weird because if she caught the shingles they would be chicken pox on her since she has not had them and its the same virus. So now they are questioning if it is really shingles or not.. Ive seen 5 regular dr's, a infectious control dr, and 2 dermatologist and noone seems to give me a positive answer. Err. .But Elaina is doing great and she loves to eat..Im so glad I decided to do a VBAC. .It was soo worth it and I was up walking around about 45 minutes after she was born! Ill post pics when I get home I hope everything is spelled correctly my computer battery is dying I dont have time to proof read!