Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 weeks old!

I can't believe how fast 3 weeks has gone by. Elaina is such a great baby. She hardly ever cries and just goes with the flow. We have been so busy lately since Dave has come home on leave. We have been going somewhere fun everyday!

Lainey had her 3 week Dr. appt yesterday and has gained a 1lb in a week and a half. The Dr. was happy about that. Ive been worried because i'm breast feeding and not too sure how much she is getting, and also she spits up alot after. But I guess shes getting enough :) She now weighs 7lbs 12oz and is still 21" ...and she sleeps about 6 or 7 hrs a night!.. Evan is a great big brother. He loves to give her kisses and hugs ALL the time. I thought he would be a bit jealous because for 4 years I gave him all my attention and now I have to share that.. But he is doing great!

Lots of pictures! in random order.. coco key, canobie lake park, boston, pawsox game etc....

Saturday, July 11, 2009