Monday, May 18, 2009

sick, sick, sick.....

I figured it was time to start a blog.. I've been wanting to do one for a long time now but never got around to doing it. I'm going to TRY to update every couple days. I hope to post allot of pics too so Dave can come online and look at them.. Its easier then trying to email pics to him.

Today was a boring day.. Evan and I both have colds. Yuck! I wish I could take some sort of decongestant but I know that I can't. So I've been taking Tylenol for my sore throat every 6-8hrs. But its not helping much. Evan is sick also but still has all his energy ugh. He asked to go outside today to play, but I said no because it was all wet out. He then said but mommy I do so much nice stuff for you and your not going to let me go out? I said I'm sorry Evan but its wet and going to rain all day we will go out tomorrow. He said well then i'm not doing anything nice anymore. I said what do you do thats nice? He said I play games with you, and I teach you the songs I learn at he cracks me up!

He loves school!! He asks everyday if he can go.. His last day is June 9th. I know he is going to miss it. He is getting his tonsils out on the 11th! They NEED to come out.. He has been having sleep apnea and every night I get up multiple times to reposition him to open his airway more.. The Dr. said that they one of the biggest he has seen for his age! Im really nervous about it. They said he will only be put to sleep for 20 minutes, but I feel so bad bringing him there knowing he is going to be in pain. I get to stay with him till he is put asleep. They will give him laughing gas first to relax him and then they will put him asleep.. I hope he does ok. I know he will...

Im now almost 33 weeks pregnant! I have felt great for the most part.. My only complaint is my hips and pelvis bone. They are killing me, and have been since ive been like 15 weeks. My BP has been great and ive gained 16lbs so far.. Im alot bigger with this one then I was with Evan. I actually look pregnant! I had a ultrasound last week and she has moved up from the 24th precentile to the 40th! They say she almost weighs 4 1/2lbs but im not to sure I believe that. They said Evan was going to be 7lbs and he was only 5lbs. She has turned and is now head down and looking great! So after talking to the Dr. I've decided im going to try and do a VBAC. But if I do not go into labor by a couple days after my due date I will have a c-section. The reason being Dave can only come home for a couple weeks, and since I had a c-section the first time they will NOT induce me. I'm so excited to have a little girl :) Ive had them check at every ultrasound to make sure she is still a SHE lol. Dave is coming home the beginning of July and I CAN NOT WAIT! :)

Here are some recent pics...

Climbing the tree!

Playing in the backyard.

Auntie Patty, Juliana and Evan

At uncle Leo's 50th bday.

Evan and cousin Paul!

He loves dressing up like batman!

Uncle Chris and Evan