Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunshine Day!

<--- Kathy took this pic for me last weekend.. 33weeks.. ( I think I need a longer shirt! lol ) Today we spent 99% of our day outside! Evan loves being outside so he was in a great mood all day :) We woke up around 8-8:30 showered and headed to the bank. The whole way there Evan asked about all the stuff we could do outside today.. Momma can I play with my spider man squirt web thingy-- yeh you can do that. Momma can I throw Sammy his ball-- Yep! Can we go for a bike ride today?-- yes if your a good boy! and then he says oh oh Momma can we turn on the hose thing and I can spray you and we can chase eachother?? uhm.. no we cant do that! lol After the bank we came home and Evan asked if we could have a picnic with a blanket, but then changed his mind and decided the picnic table was a better choice. So we sat outside and he ate a ham sandwich with mustard, a string cheese and a bowl full of raspberries.. I had a uncrustable and maybe 2 raspberries.. The raspberries were all actually mine but he loves fruit and gobbled them up before I even got a chance! o'well. The news said it was only going to be in the mid 70's but it felt closer to 90! It felt like my skin was melting. Anyways we spent the rest of the afternoon in the back yard.. Evan played on the swingset and ran around after the dogs and I read some books I bought from borders and hung some laundry on the line. Then we went for a small bike ride. He has a batman bigwheel with sounds and stickers! He thinks its the best thing. After his little bike ride we had dinner chicken on the grill YUM! and I gave him a bath. And at about 7:45 he was out like a light! I love that the warmer weather is here so he can go outside and get all his energy out! I feel bad when its crappy out and hes boucning off the walls indoors getting into trouble! ..... ok im off to get a nice big icecream cone and watch some american idol with my mom! oh and 49 days till my due date!!!! :) Some pics below. click them to make them bigger :)I was going to add a video but it was taking forever to load ill do it tomorrow.. im off to bed . mommy look Batman ears!!!!!