Monday, October 26, 2009

pumpkins...pumpkins... and more pumpkins!!

Courtney and I took the kids to the pumpkin festival walk at the Roger Williams Zoo.. We waited an hour to get tickets and then waited another hour to get to the actual entrance for the pumpkin walk. But it was so worth the wait! I couldnt believe how many pumpkins were there.. Elaina stayed awake for most of it and Evan was busy running from one pumpkin to another. Except for when we went through a part where there was that smog smoke stuff then he got nervous... He is so afraid of all Halloween stuff which is a shock to me!

Here are some pics of the pumpkins we carved this year! Evan likes to watch us carve.. He wants no part in putting his hands inside the pumpkin! *some of them are blurry* Courtney made the boo pumpkin, I made the little monster and Chris made the monster looking out the blinds. After we were done we brought the pumpkins over to our neighbor to see which one he thought was the best. We didnt tell him which one we each carved... He picked mine as being his favorite!

Rainbow Cake!

A couple weeks back Evan and I made a rainbow cake! I saw the idea on another friends blog and we just had to try it.. and it was GREAT!


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