Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beach Bums!

Chris, Courtney, the kids and I spent the day on a private beach about a mile from Scusset Beach on Saturday. Scusset was FULL so Chris found a little private beach and it was really nice and quiet. I was afraid we were going to get towed because we parked in front of someones house and we didnt have a beach permit sticker on our car. But we were lucky and noone said anything :) I did real good keeping Lainey sand free. That was until we walking back to the car. I was holding her in the car seat and carrying a bunch of other stuff and my flip flop kicked up sand and it went right in her face :( Good thing she had her eyes closed! But it went in her mouth and all over her head and face. I was worried about her eyes but thankfully it didnt get in them. We rushed to the car and took off her clothes and had to pour water over her. She had sunscreen on so the sand was like stuck to her. But we finally got it all off. On the way home we stopped for soft serve, and that night for dinner we had chicken and corn on the cobb MY FAVORITE!