Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maternity pics @ Boderland

I had been trying to find someone to do maternity pics for me for a while.. I didn't want to go to a regular photo place like Target, Sears, or Picture People because they only take a few shots and basically there all the same. Don't get me wrong they do a great job. I usually go to one of them to get Evan's pics done. But I just wanted something outdoors and diffrent! So I was looking for someone to do them but everyone I came across online had a huge sitting fee and then the pics were so pricey.. So I asked my friend Kerri's mom to take them for me with my camera and they came out great! I'm so glad I didn't spend tons of money! THANKYOU LORI! (click the pic to make it bigger!)

6/6/09 Newport and Bass Pro Shop!

Last weekend Evan, Kathy and I went to Newport for the day.. We went to the Navy base and got a couple things. Then we went over to the beach near the cliff walk where Evan flew his kite and played in the sand! After we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays! and then Friendlys for icecream :) On the way back I stopped at the bass pro shop to walk around for a bit. They were having a kids activity outside where they were letting them make smores! Evan made 2 of them but decided he didn't want to eat them. They have a woods trail out back so we checked that out for a bit, but then turned around because it was getting dark and the bugs were coming out! Here are some pics :) They are in backwards order opps.


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