Monday, November 2, 2009


Elaina had about a weeks worth of Halloween outfits that we had bought, and some that were given as gifts.. Here is a couple of them .. I did not gets pics of them all, because before I could take a pics she had spit up all over them.. Evan had a few Halloween shirts too.. but he has not been letting me take pics of him lately...

Is it time for Trick or Treating??

I think I heard Evan ask that about 50 times on Halloween! He was so anxious to get out and go Trick-or-Treating as I know all kids are. We were invited to a Halloween block party that started at about 4:30. We brought some YUMMY dirt cake I had made earlier and it was delicious! We headed out for trick or treating around 6:30. My mom, Kathy(Dave's mom), my brother Chris and his girlfriend Courtney all joined us! We walked around the same big loop that I trick or treated in every year when I was little.. I love our neighborhood! He had fun running from one house to another.. Lainey was great.. She slept for most of it.. Evan is already picking out his costume for next year! :) He asked tonight if we could go trick or treating again tomorrow haha.. These pics are not in order at all.. and I don't feel like moving them around ;)



I kept trying to get a pic with him.and he was not having it! . I finally told him no candy until he took a picture with

snooooozing away!

My brother, my mom, kathy, and Courtney

The bag was getting heavy! We had to empty it 4 times

cutie pie


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