Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

4 Months old!

Elaina your 4 months old!

This is what you have been up to...

  • You always turn and look when you hear my voice
  • You always smile when we talk to you
  • You love to snuggle!
  • You have learned to grab and reach for things.. You love to grab my hair and my necklace!
  • You can hold you own bottle!
  • You are starting to wear some 3-6 month clothes.
  • We are on the last pack of size 1 diapers and then its to size 2. The 1's are getting a little too small
  • Your 12.5lbs and 26"
  • You like to ride in the car and look out the window
  • You love to chew on your hands (or mine lol) you always have your hand in your mouth.
  • You always give me a great big smile every morning when you wake up
  • Your trying really hard to roll to your belly
  • You have found your voice you love to make loud screeching sounds :)
  • At night you are drinking about 6oz before bed then sleeping 12 hrs
  • Still eating every 2 hrs during the day
  • I bought you a jumper and you really enjoy it.. You don't bounce much yet.. but you love standing up in it.
  • Your hair is growing :) I love putting little bows in it.. so cute.
A daughter brings sunshine to brighten your day.
A daughter brings joy through her loving ways.
A daughter is a blessing that comes from above.
A special and beautiful treasure to LOVE.